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Connecting Horse Owners and Riders in the Great Falls Area


About Us

The Great Falls Horse Network evolved from the Great Falls Equestrian Society (GFES) and the Save-the-Farm Team (now the Friends of Turner Farm (FOTF). These two groups formed in the early 90's to promote the interests of equestrians in the Great Falls area.

Originally, GFES focused on maintaining access to trails, particularly in Great Falls National Park. The Save-the-Farm Team was formed to help establish public equestrian and other facilities on the site of the former Turner Dairy Farm.

These two groups were largely successful in achieving their goals, but ongoing efforts to organize the Great Falls equestrian community were hampered by inability to communicate efficiently with members. Traditional mail is costly and time-consuming and few people have time or interest in attending meetings after work. Horse people want to be with their horses!

This led us to the Great Falls Horse Network. Our goal is to provide online tools for horse owners and riders in the Great Falls area to communicate and share information about equestrian issues and activities in our area. To this end, we have established this website and a discussion forum.

The Network is a work in progress. We rely on volunteers to maintain the website and lead group activities. We are an informal organization. We don't have dues, by-laws, elections and meet only when necessary. We need participation and feedback from all members to know what interests our members and how to serve them better.

Please join our discussion group and become an active member.

Help keep Great Falls horse-friendly!